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The Science Behind Any Successful Real Estate Professional

Posted Date :18 September 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Starting a coaching company in the real estate industry meant that we had a passion for two things.   The first one is obviously the industry itself – Real Estate! And the second thing is the absolute fascination for SUCCESS.   What makes someone successful? What do you need to do i..."

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Why Networking Can Be The Breakthrough Skill in Your Real Estate Career

Posted Date :11 September 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"If there would be any advice I could give you that can 10X your business in the next 30 days, it would be: NETWORK like your life depends on it.   I believe that in the real estate world of business, networking is more important than ever.   Recently a real estate agent came to me with..."

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Real Estate Investing: What Everyone Should Know Before Investing In Real Estate

Posted Date :28 August 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Till today, many Malaysians aspire to own their first piece of real estate.   It has been hardwired into our brains that real estate is “The Number 1 Investment” to have. And the problem is many Malaysians have the common struggle of saving up enough money to make that initial investment..."

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We Need More Real Estate Leaders To Create More Real Estate Professionals

Posted Date :21 August 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Many years ago I hired a coach to help me with some challenges in my real estate business.   As a team leader in a very fast-growing real estate company, I was having a hard time to find a balance between my personal sales and my responsibilities as a leader.    Before I go deeper on ..."

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Recruitment For Real Estate Leaders : The Do's and Don'ts

Posted Date :07 August 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"If you’re a team leader or sales manager for a real estate agency/team, it’s no surprise that recruitment is one of your top priorities. Although it’s not a surprise, it’s interesting to see that many team leaders and sales managers don’t really focus on recruitment.   Recruitment i..."

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Secrets of the World’s Best Real Estate Team Leaders

Posted Date :31 July 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Real estate team leaders or team managers are one of the most challenging positions in the real estate industry. Many take the leap in jumping from individual sales to becoming a team leader. Most of them without any understanding of what it means to become a leader or even ready to become a lead..."

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The Most Common Distractions In Real Estate That Holds You From Doing More Business

Posted Date :24 July 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Real estate agents these days face a crazy number of distractions in their day-to-day activities, which can make staying focused and working hard on a single task difficult without being sidetracked.    For real estate professionals, time is money, and distractions can become a costly source..."

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The Truth of Selling Real Estate Listings

Posted Date :17 July 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :1

"You may have heard of the term ‘’listing’’ in your real estate career. You definitely should have as this is one of the most important agreements in your path to building strong revenue.    To be clear, let’s first go to the definition.   A listing is an agreement that repre..."

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Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Plan to Build A Real Estate Team!

Posted Date :10 July 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Building a real estate team is a lot like building an actual house.   You have a wishlist of the things you want in your house. You draw up plans, set a budget. and get to work.   But are you the architect? Or the construction worker? Or maybe, you’re both?   If you answered anything..."

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The Ugly Truth About Lead Generation in Real Estate

Posted Date :03 July 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Where do I get my leads? How much should I spend on lead generation? What tools should I use to get myself high-quality leads?    These are just a handful of questions I get almost every day from our clients. And to be honest, they are very good questions. However, they come from a specific ..."

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The Winning Formula for Real Estate Success

Posted Date :15 May 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Focus on building the one thing that can BOOST your real estate business!   If you want a profitable real estate career, don’t build a website or invest heavily in Facebook advertising.   The SECRET to building a successful real estate career (if you can call it that) isn’t in the ..."

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Give Your Real Estate Agent a Hug. They Deserve It!

Posted Date :02 May 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"There’s a statistic you can find on the internet that shows 87% of real estate professionals will fail within 5 years in the industry.     This number freaks me out. It makes me wonder, what made the other 13% stay?   Real estate is a constant up and down journey. You won't ..."

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