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The Winning Formula for Real Estate Success

Posted Date :15 May 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Focus on building the one thing that can BOOST your real estate business!   If you want a profitable real estate career, don’t build a website or invest heavily in Facebook advertising.   The SECRET to building a successful real estate career (if you can call it that) isn’t in the ..."

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Give Your Real Estate Agent a Hug. They Deserve It!

Posted Date :02 May 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"There’s a statistic you can find on the internet that shows 87% of real estate professionals will fail within 5 years in the industry.     This number freaks me out. It makes me wonder, what made the other 13% stay?   Real estate is a constant up and down journey. You won't ..."

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The Secret To Becoming A High Paid Real Estate Professional

Posted Date :20 March 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"WARNING: Do Not Read This If You Are Against Being High Paid As A Professional Salesperson   Look, I get it. You don’t want to be seen as ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’.     But your clients a crying themselves to sleep every night because you weren’t aggressive enough in your cal..."

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Why Am I Not Selling As A Real Estate Agent?

Posted Date :05 March 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"How to crush doubt when you’re trying to break a sales rut in your real estate career?    It’s easy to become demotivated about your real estate business when you follow crappy advice that doesn’t work.   You follow it, you don’t get a result, you doubt yourself.   Th..."

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How To Set Achievable Real Estate Goals

Posted Date :27 February 2019 Posted By :Taco HeidingaComments :0

"Use this template to use achievable real estate goals. Think of it as a Results-oriented/Purpose-driven/Massive Action Plan.       1) What do I really want? What’s the outcome I’m after? What’s the specific measurable result? The more precise, the stronger it is. (For exam..."

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3 Key Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Career in 2019!

Posted Date :28 January 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Looking to grow your real estate career in 2019?   Cool, so do a million other real estate agents, negotiators, and consultants.    But if you’re still wondering what it takes to build your real estate empire, you might want to finish this blog.    You’ve probably got ques..."

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What's New in PropCoach 2019 and The 5 Steps to Successful New Year Resolutions

Posted Date :18 January 2019 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Welcome back to PropCoach! And a Happy New Year! Firstly, we would like to thank you for your continuous love and support in 2018. You as part of the real estate industry and the community has been a major part of our motivation to push forward in transforming the industry into a better, more po..."

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The 3 Basic Real Estate Marketing Niches and How To Succeed In Them

Posted Date :19 November 2018 Posted By :PropCoachComments :0

"Real estate is a competitive business. However, choosing a real estate niche is one of the stratgeies that can help you expand and market your business efficiently and productively. Following up on our previous article on 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Real Estate Marketing Niche , we now list do..."

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Real Estate Marketing Niche

Posted Date :15 October 2018 Posted By :PropCoachComments :1

"Real estate niche marketing might be contrary to the usual ways of business as finding your niche means narrowing down to a smaller, targeted group of people. However, we're going to explain to you why it might be a lucrative strategy for your real estate business. Here's the top 5 reasons w..."

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Proven Marketing Model That Will Help Your Real Estate Business

Posted Date :07 October 2018 Posted By :PropcoachComments :1

" As a real estate agent myself, I’ve made many mistakes and suffered the consequences. I’ve spent thousands of dollars investing time and effort on ineffective ways. I kept getting low quality leads and had to consistently sell myself repeatedly.      The hard truth is that real e..."

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Top 20 Real Estate Hashtags To Get More Leads On Social Media

Posted Date :17 September 2018 Posted By :PropcoachComments :0

"Social media has and is currently the biggest hub of connecting and engaging with your audience. It helps to generate more leads in ways that are not possible few years before. But what's the most exciting part of social media is it already has tools prepared for you to engage even more audience..."

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Top 4 Ways A Real Estate Coach Can Help You

Posted Date :10 July 2018 Posted By :Taco HeidingaComments :0

"Probably you have some goals you want to achieve in your Real Estate Career? Do you find it difficult to keep yourself committed and do the work that you need to do to achieve those GOALS?     Working on your goals alone can be very difficult at times. Here are the top 4 ways of how a..."

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