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My First 90 Days in Real Estate

My First 90 Days in Real Estate
  • My First 90 Days in Real Estate
  • My First 90 Days in Real Estate
  • My First 90 Days in Real Estate

My First 90 Days in Real Estate


Let new real estate professionals start with the right attitude, skills, knowledge, action plan and mental preparation to give their career an initial boost. Invest in the right education and training to give your business long-term value for your agency.

What:                        12-week Program for beginners in the real estate business

When:                       Start 1st of March 2018

Where:                     Training Room PropCoach.

Why:                          Level up beginners and give a fair chance to succeed in the real estate industry.

Who:                         PropCoach Coaches, Trainers and Partners


Target:                      Newbies in Real Estate, Agents under 1 year in real estate, People that want to change career




Week 1:                       GROW

                        Mindset/goals/target –Think a million | how to start your real estate business


Week 2:                       CONVERT

                        Learn yourself / Lead list / Conversion techniques / Basics of people


Week 3:                      LEAD

                        Getting leads / 10x10 Leverage / 22 ways of getting leads / Screening/ qualify


Week 4:                       AREA OF EXPERTISE

                        Become ‘THE’ agent of your area / Become an expert


Week 5:                       LISTINGS

                        Getting the right listing/ Exclusivity/ Create an attractive listing online


Week 6:                       MARKETING

                        Investing in Marketing / Create your income engine / Trends / Marketing 101


Week 7:                       SOCIAL MEDIA

                        Building an audience / followers / Trends / Advertising on Social media


Week 8:                       OBJECTION HANDELING

                        Turn a ‘NO’ into a ‘YES’ / Building rapport / Overcome objections


Week 9:                      THE FORTUNE OF FOLLOW UP

                        Follow up techniques / lead list management / Calls + Text techniques


Week 10:         GROOMING

                        Dress to impress / make the first impression count / body language



                        Motivation / Dedication, not giving up / Exam



                        Celebration + My following 90 days in Real Estate / Mentorship




Price: RM 1495, - per person


  • 12 – week program with 2,5 class per week
  • Workbook with weekly updates
  • Tools and Materials to use in career
  • 9 months online mentorship with monthly update webinar
  • end of the year seminar access


More Benefits:

  • From day one, new real estate professionals will engage with other professionals that will learn them to work together and create deals for the future.
  • Promote your agency with the PropCoach systems and recruit better individuals that are keen to learn the real estate business.
  • Refer back to the training program if real estate professionals are struggling or need additional support.
  • Build the right team, where all individuals are educated with a similar training system.
  • Become a true ambassador in improving the real estate industry by implementing the right responsibilities for your team.
  • Invest in the future, where real estate professionals need to be online first. Understanding the fundamentals of leads, listings and leveraging time.
  • Make your team trackable and measurable by results.
  • Have a motivated and dedicated team with the best and latest tools from the PropCoach system.

Become a pioneer in the real estate market by providing the best long-term and sustainable real estate training for your age