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Don’t join the 87% of people that fail in Real Estate because of this reason.

Posted Date :03 May 2017 Posted By :Taco HeidingaComments :0

"There are many coaches or mentors that will agree, having the right attitude and skills will make you successful. And I agree on this, however there is a third thing you need to survive in the real estate business.   It’s something you can learn or master. It comes with time and failure a..."

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The Reason I started Real Estate Coaching

Posted Date :04 March 2017 Posted By :Taco HeidingaComments :0

"For many years I rejected the idea I was the one that could help Real Estate Professionals to the next level. It was when I moved to Malaysia that I felt the need and passion to start helping Real Estate Professionals.   Over the last 10 years I’ve lived in the Caribbean, where I got..."

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