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Why charging lower commission is not worth it?

Posted Date :13 November 2017 Posted By :Taco HeidingaCategory :Growth


Warning: You might not have what it takes to charge higher commissions!!

Let's put this to the test 


Here's the only question you need to ask yourself:

Does your work give confidence to your clients that you will give them results?


Think about it: Are you able to sell? Do you have the right marketing strategies? Do you care enough to have a strong relationship with your client?


Do you help people with more than only selling and renting? Do you invest in your clients making sure you get results? Can you provide the best viewings? Can you give the best sales pitch? Are you the agent that can differentiate themselves from the rest?


If the answer is YES, then you have something that can command a high commission price. You just need to believe it, and plug into a marketing system that works.


Today, I'm going to give you a DEAD-SIMPLE commission strategy that can help you hit your income goals much faster than you are now. And I'll give it to you in 2 words.


Take your current commission rate, whatever it is, and ADD 1%!

I'm not kidding. 


If you're charging 2% for your services, why not charge 3%? Someone in your market is charging that much...why shouldn't it be you?


And if no one else is charging that much, why are you letting other people limit your possibilities? Charge what you're worth!


Or - even better – Why not charge an initial marketing fee to your clients. If you can give them the confidence that you will give them results, why not charge premium.


When you command a premium commission like this, 4 amazing things happen: 

  • You hit your income goals faster (obviously). Believe me, it's a lot quicker to hit $100,000/month in 3% commission rates than in 1%       rates.


  • You know that your clients will be ready to sell.  Premium commissions will make your clients show their commitment to selling the property. Also, they will have more trust in you and see you as the expert. Charging low and cheap commission fees will only downgrade your trust and confidence from your clients. When a client understand your value and wants to really sell, he will pay you anything as long ad the job gets done!


  • You can take better care of all your clients. With a 3% contract, you need to enroll just a few clients to have an amazing commission. This allows you to work with fewer clients and make MORE money. You want to get them results, because they gave you the feeling they trust you. You will go all out! With fewer clients, you can really go to bat for them and provide a first-class experience. Everybody wins.


  • You have WAY more free time, and freedom. Your time is your life. Trading time for money is trading life for money, isn't it? Stop trading life for money and start creating some freedom for yourself! Otherwise this whole thing is just another job.



So what's stopping you?


Remember - the way the world works is that you either set your own price, or the world does it for you. Either you step up and become the person you want to be, or other people will beat you into being who THEY want you to be...and it ain't pretty.


Every morning, we get to wake up and decide what we're really worth.


What are you worth today?


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Very true ... Your pay & commission rate should be in proportion to your skill & professionalism


05 December 2017

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Why charging lower commission is not worth it?