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Zero to One Million in Real Estate 2.0

Posted Date :04 December 2017 Posted By :PropCoach TeamCategory :Events


Are you ready to take your real estate career to the next level in 2018?

Date: 23 & 24 January, 2018


Today is the day we open registration for Zero to One Million in Real Estate 2.0! --> BOOK HERE


Why? Why? Why isn’t my Real Estate Business working?”


That’s the question PropCoach will answer during its ‘Zero to One Million in Real Estate 2.0!’’ Workshop


Propcoach has helped agents all over the world, with only one goal: turn their Real Estate Business into a money-making machine!


For the past year, Taco Heidinga and Alexander See have worked hard to build this exclusive workshop for Real Estate Agents, Negotiators and Agency Owners.


This is what you will learn:

Day 1:

  • How to start focusing on results and stop finding reasons to fail
  • Setting the right goals and targets for your business
  • The #1 way to make more profit in your business (No it's not Sales)
  • Building your brand in an area of expertise
  • Two fundamental pillars of Marketing
  • The best marketing plan for real estate agents
  • Create a flow chart to optimize your business and have more free time

Day 2:

  • How to sell more property by understanding these basics
  • 2 Communication techniques to close more deals
  • The #1 trick to get your clients to close themselves
  • A personalized script to help you convert more clients
  • Learning how to read your clients and understand them better

And so much more…..


Climb the PropCoach ''ladder of growth'' to reach your highest potential in the Real Estate Industry:

What did other say about the workshop in November 2017:


~ It is certainly an interesting and lively two-day workshop. The contents are an eye-opener process for those are new and seasoned agents. I would recommend this workshop to all other agents~  -- Mastura Kasiran


~Excellent training that keeps me excited and attentive thru out the whole training session. I love the interactive style. Both Taco & Alex conducted the training in a lively manner, never a dull moment~  -- Celia NG


~This workshop is an eye-opener in how to manage my real estate business. It will be a big shift from my current approach~  -- Thangaraj Balraj


~After the two days workshop I feel equipped with more clear knowledge and skills in the preparation of my work schedule. Also an eye-opener on exclusive listings, Math on Marketing and the cash flow importance. Thank you Taco & Alex for your enthusiasm and energy during the 2-day training session~  -- Angel Lin


~I think this is the way to improve the Real Estate Profession as the process of selling has been misunderstood by senior agents who have adapted the money/commission attitude. As a Real Estate agent, we should be professionals and not ‘’Hard’’ Sellers. We should be trained to sell & if more people attend this course, there will be more great professionals in the industry~  --Susan Looi




So for this Workshop, we have a major special!!


We were planning to role this course only in 2018! And to be honest the price was set at RM 3350,-!

However for 2018, we wanted to give the first 100 tickets for RM 1990,-. So this will be when you join us next year


But wait, for our workshop in 2018, on 23 & 24 January we want to bring a special.


 This will be the last workshop where we will also add two free coaching sessions after the workshop to help you implement the following:


And only for the first workshop in January, this will be offered at the lowest price of:

RM 990,- 


Only 20 Seats Available --> Book Here



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Zero to One Million in Real Estate 2.0