Our Coaching Programs Give You The Roadmap To Success

Our Coaching Programs Give You The Roadmap To Success

Not sure of the FUTURE? 
Where do you get STARTED?
Want to DOUBLE your INCOME?
YOU could be earning a 6-figure yearly income within 6 month?

YOU could become a MILLION dollar agent just by implementing the right strategies?

The only question now is HOW? 
And that is exactly what we at, PropCoach, want to help you with.

Coaching Pays for Itself:
The best performers in the world hire the top coaches to help them reach their goals, targets and dreams. A journey to the top is never easy and especially if you want to do it alone. In Real Estate it's a lot of objection, rejection and failure. 

A Coach can help you by keeping you on track, focus on the right areas a build a exceptional framework to become a master in your business. 
Agent Plan
Monthly Fee
  • 2 X Coaching Calls (Monthly)
  • Unlimited Digital Coaching
  • Agent Mastermind Group
  • Access to Agent Accelerator Course

Leader Plan
Monthly Fee
  • 2 X Coaching Calls (Monthly)
  • Unlimited Digital Coaching
  • Leader Mastermind Group
  • Access to Leader Mastery Course
  • 1 X Quarter Live Meeting (60 min)
Executive Plan
Only 6 months Agreement
  • Customised Coaching
  • Unlimited Digital Coaching
  • Monthly Meeting (90 Min)
  • For CEO's, Managers & Owners only
  • Access to PropElite Group
To Reduce The Drop Out Rate of All Real Estate Professionals
Providing Exceptional Training & Coaching for Real Estate Professionals with the outcome to Earn 5X More than The Industry Average
To Create Real Estate Business Leaders, Who Empower Each Other, To Impact and Build The Communities Around Them.
Get Ready To Scale Your Business
  • More Deals : Be able to close more consistent deals
  • More Structure: Build a framework so you save more time
  • More Impact: Build amazing relationships with your client and teammembers
  • Are COMMITTED to reach for YOUR DREAMS & GOALS 
  •  Love CONNECTING with people from various industries
  •  Understand the importance of  TIME and HARDWORK to GET THERE
  •  Understand the importance of HONESTY and INTEGRITY
  •  Want to take your real estate journey to unlimited levels (this is a BONUS!)
"Real Estate is all about learning the right strategies, techniques, and processes to sale more property."
To constantly grow, we know that we cannot do it on our own.  

It is about LEVERAGE

It is about what we COLLECTIVELY see. 

It is about leveraging on our DIFFERENT strengths.

Taco has been in the Real Estate industry since 2008.
From the age of 23, He has started over 7 businesses and still gives advice and support to 3 of them.

Among his achievements, he has built the 2nd largest Assets management company in Curacao. He also ran a Real Estate agency from 2013 till 2016 with a team of highly productive agents.

In addition, he is experienced in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing for Real Estate. One of his most noted clients is RE/MAX Malaysia as he was responsible and heavily involved in their IT, Sales, Online Marketing, and Training (MYREC, Tech Training, Social Media training, Office Training). 

Alex was known as the youngest certified Business Coach in ActionCOACH, South East Asia.

He was awarded the Top 5 Best Performing Coaches in November 2016, South East Asia. In relation, his greatest achievement was helping a client increase profit by 60% quarter on quarter.

Prior to business coaching, Alex worked for a boutique property developer. He was in charge of the sales & marketing of their luxury condominium, ranging around Rm4mil - RM20mil, located along Jalan Ampang Hilir. 
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