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To create a community of Real Estate business leaders who lead by example & empower each other to CHANGE the Malaysian perception of all Real Estate Agents & Negotiators.


Why:                        A shared platform for agencies owners + Managers that want to share their knowledge, improve their performance and learn from other industry leaders. These individuals will become the Real Estate Business Leaders who want to impact the industry and work together to improve the real estate community

Who:                        The membership platform is moderated, organized and managed by PropCoach

When:                     1 X Live meeting per month with all PropElite Members

Where:                    Venue: TBD

What:                      -    Access to a monthly meeting where the following topics will be discussed:


  • Trends of the market
  • Training implementation for real estate
  • Talks from industry leaders
  • Network



  • Services
  • Access to our recruitment tool to get new recruits for the industry, that will be fully screened and prepped for an interview with the principal


  • Access to our 12-week program where all new recruits can be submitted ( 5 FREE recruits per program)


  • 1 x-year Mastermind retreat to an inspiring location for additional training, discussions, and networking (price of the trip, hotel and food not included)


  • Discounted rates for all Workshops (refresh your team and use it as a motivator for new team members)