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PropMasters Membership

PropMasters Membership
  • PropMasters Membership
  • PropMasters Membership
  • PropMasters Membership

PropMasters Membership


Are you generating enough leads? Do you know how many leads you need to close one sale?

Are you feeling burnt out from all those viewings? And yet close no deals?

JOIN OUR NEW WORKSHOP: PropMaster Membership

Follow the PropCoach Model: Grow. Convert. Lead.

We believe your real estate career is a lifestyle. And with any lifestyle, it is about a balance between mindset and action. And the lifestyle of your dreams starts with YOUR Growth.

What you will learn?

  • Our Zero to 1 Million in Real Estate workshop will show you the key PRACTICAL fundamentals to bring in new leads AND convert them. We will also show you what it takes to not just achieve your goals and dreams, but to sustain yourself in the long run.
  • Set up your own Lead Marketing Automated System (MAS) to get in more potential customers every day.
  • How do real estate professionals communicate to close more deals and get people to buy from them?
  • Attracting customers to contact you, so you don't have to keep cold-calling and spamming your leads.
  • Uncover the secrets of leveraging your time and have more freedom for your hobbies, family, and friends.
  • The #1 reason only 1% of the real estate professionals make millions in property sales?

Your real estate career is a lifestyle. If you are motivated to take it to a new level, where you are dedicated to moving your business forward, then this is your chance. Invest in YOUR lifestyle. 

What you get in your PropMasters Membership:

a. 1 X Live Workshop by PropCoach

b. Online Training with ongoing modules

c. Toolbox for Real Estate Professionals ( Goalsheet, scripts, Follow up Sheets)

d. Online community with access to Mentors & Coaches